December 2023

Cyted’s technology secures eight award nominations for innovation in three months

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The nominations recognise the entrepreneurial growth of the company, as well as the transformative impact the capsule sponge test and biomarker discovery process has had on a number of NHS sites.

From September to November, Cyted and our NHS partners were named as finalists in the following awards:

Innovate Awards, 21 September 2023

Four NHS sites have been named in the nominations, each using Cyted’s technology to tackle key challenges such as providing increased capacity, accessibility, and faster turnaround to improve care.

From ICB, system-wide initiatives and studies, to Trust and local level projects, the nominations demonstrate a wide range of implementations and the growing enthusiasm for capsule sponge testing.

Cyted’s CYTOPRIME1 project was recognised in a number of the nominations for both its scale and the success of the partnership between the company and the NHS sites, helping to transform endoscopy care pathways across Lancashire and South Cumbria.

The nominations add to the growing list of accolades for the company and support for capsule sponge testing seen in 2023. Cyted will continue building on this momentum in what promises to be another successful year of collaboration and innovation in 2024.

OBN Awards ceremony, 22 November 2023

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