April 2024

Cyted Health Appoints Betsy Hanna US President

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Cyted Health today announces the appointment of Betsy Hanna as US President, where she will lead the company’s expansion into the US market. Betsy joins the company at a pivotal time, following FDA clearance for Cyted Health’s EndoSign® device earlier this year.

Betsy brings more than 20 years of healthcare executive leadership experience for diagnostics and medical device companies including genomic testing in oncology. She has a track record of leading strategy, marketing, and commercialization in global businesses and innovative start-up companies, successfully launching new products in the US and beyond. Betsy previously served as Agendia Precision Oncology’s Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Vice President. She received her MBA at Harvard Business School and holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois.

“Betsy joins us to take on the significant work already underway to bring our products to the US market,” said Dr Marcel Gehrung, Cyted Health’s CEO and Co-Founder. “This is a crucial moment in what will be a core market for Cyted Health’s work, and Betsy will bring deep expertise and considerable experience to grow our presence in the US. She will be invaluable for guiding our team through successful commercialization and her appointment is another step to expanding our footprint globally.”

The FDA’s clearance of EndoSign® in February was one of a series of recent milestones achieved by Cyted Health in the US. It followed a partnership with Devyser Genomic Laboratories to conduct the lab analyses announced in January. In November last year, Gail Marcus was appointed Chair of the Board, bringing her vast knowledge of the US healthcare system and supporting Betsy to deliver this year’s strategic plan.

Cyted Health is a gastrointestinal health company that has developed EndoSign®, a minimally invasive test to detect and monitor for signs of pre-cancer and other diseases. Testing can be completed in minutes in a nurse-led clinic. EndoSign® is already widely used across the UK to identify Barrett’s esophagus – a precursor to esophageal cancer – and the risk of patients developing cancer in the future.

“I look forward to leading Cyted Health’s US arm and contributing to the fight against esophageal cancer,” said Betsy Hanna. “EndoSign® can transform current methods for monitoring patients and make sure conditions are detected earlier and treated faster. I am highly confident that we can make a significant impact bringing this technology to US patients.”

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