March 2022

Cyted celebrates success amongst Project DELTA industry leaders supported by UKRI

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With support from Innovate UK (UKRI) and Cancer Research UK (CRUK), Cyted are proud to have collaborated with Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, King’s College London, the PHG Foundation and Medtronic to form Project DELTA, with the ultimate aim of triggering a new era in the diagnosis of oesophageal cancer.

The UKRI/CRUK-funded DELTA project has developed and facilitated the rapid implementation of the Cytosponge test, with Cyted’s partnerships with the NHS at the heart of its uptake.

Through the digital and data-driven advancements from the Project DELTA teams, patients will receive their diagnosis earlier and faster so they can start potentially life-saving cancer treatment at a stage that it is most likely to be successful.

Since late 2020, over 6,500 Cytosponge procedures have been carried out in the UK, offering invaluable benefit for the NHS in tackling the national backlog by diverting patients away from endoscopy waiting lists.

This is more important than ever with over 67,000 patients waiting for an upper GI endoscopy in England as of January 2022, of which nearly 40% have been waiting over six weeks.

Michelle Mitchell, chief executive of Cancer Research UK, said:"A quick, efficient, and minimally invasive diagnostic test like theCytosponge can go a long way towards reducing the stress and anxiety that accompanies the wait for a test. And diagnosing cancer as early as possible is absolutely vital for improving outcomes for patients.

After decades of research by Cancer Research UK-funded scientists, we are excited to see that this technology is already well on its way to helping bring patients off endoscopy waiting lists across the UK."

Marcel Gehrung pictured holding a closed Cytosponge

Marcel Gehrung, CEO, Cyted, commented: “At Cyted, we are dedicated to leading a revolution in diagnostics, so that diseases and cancers are diagnosed earlier and faster. We are delighted to have received support from CRUK and UKRI through Project DELTA to bring the Cytosponge to patients and ensure patients receive their diagnosis early so they can start potentially life-saving cancer treatment sooner”

This support is invaluable to help further develop ourAI technology which will revolutionise the diagnosis of oesophageal cancer.”

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